It's pronounced "Day-m(uh)th"

Be prepared to be dazzled. Probably won't happen, but it's always best to be prepared.

The NFC North: The Bear, The Lion, The Viking, The Packer.

The NFC South: The Falcon, The Panther, The Saint, The Buccaneer

The AFC South: The Colt, The Texan, The Jaguar, The Titan

The AFC East: Bill, The Patriot, The Jet, The Dolphin

The NFC West: The Seahawk, The Cardinal, The Ram & The 49er.

AFC North

The AFC West, plus alternate color schemes.

I created a series of comic-book style NFL mascots, I’ll release them on tumblr by division. Here’s the NFC East, along with alternate color schemes.


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Bryce Damuth at the High Watt Jan 13, 2014